Beaker Street 4-13-97

No Audio is available for this show… Yet

Originally broadcasted on Magic 105 (KMJX 105.1 FM Conway-Little Rock, Arkansas)

Host: Clyde Clifford

Incidental Music: Head “Cannabis Sativa”

Sources: Beaker on the Internet Archive, Wikipedia,, All

7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

1. Savoy Brown”Tell Mama/ Let It Rock”

2. The Doobie Brothers “China Grove”

3. The Doors “Waiting For The Sun”

4. Black Sabbath “Wasp/ Behind The Wall/ Basically”

5. The Byrds “Ballad of Easy Rider”

6. Trapeze “Medusa”

7. Love Sculpture “In The Land Of The Few”

8. Deep Water Reunion “Cindy’s Cryin'”

9. Burger “Naughty Girl”

8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

1. Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Black Moon”

2. The Dino Kruse Band “Life In The Big City”

3. Ozzy Osbourne f/ Type O Negative “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”

4. Uriah Heep “Sunrise”

5. Wishbone Ash “You See Red”

6. The Allman Brothers Band “Hot ‘Lanta” (Live At Fillmore East)

7. The Alan Parsons Project “Luciferama”

8. Fairport Convention “Jewel In The Crown”

9. Oingo Boingo “Wild Sex (In The Working Class)”

10. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “Solar Fire”

11. Blue Oyster Cult “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Lost Classics with Mark Arouh

1. Selections from J. D. Blackfoot’s 1970 album “The Ultimate Prophecy”

2. Jimi Hendrix “Midnight Lightning”

3. Cluster & Eno “The Belldog”

4. Hot Tuna “Keep On Truckin’ Mama”

5. James Gang “Stop”

6. Fleetwood Mac “I’m So Afraid”

7. Giant Tracks- An E-Mail Tribute to Gentle Giant “Wreck”

10 p.m. to 11 pm

1. Blue Oyster Cult “Sinful Love/ Tattoo Vampire/ Morning Final/ Tenderloin/Debbie Denise

2. Curved Air “Phantasmagoria> Whose Sholder Are You Looking Over Anyway?> Over And Above

3. Burger “Humming A Snatch Of A Tune”

4. Savoy Brown “Wang Dang Doodle”

5. Boz Scaggs “It All Went Down The Drain”

6. Santana “Persuasion” (Live At The Fillmore ’68)

11 p.m. to Midnight

1. James Gang “Ashes The Rain And I”

2. Brownsville Station “Question Of Temperature”

3. The Allman Brothers Band “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed”

4. Jaime Brockett “Legend Of The U.S.S. Titanic”

5. Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Fanfare For The Common Man”

6. The Doobie Brothers “Black Water”

7. Led Zeppelin “Fool In The Rain”

8. Jon Butcher “Wishes”

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