Beaker Street 11-1-98

No audio is currently available of this show… yet. If you have a copy and wish to share, reach out to me at

Originally aired on Magic 105 (KMJX 105.1 FM Conway- Little Rock, Arkansas)

Host: Clyde Clifford

Incidental Music: Head “Cannabis Sativa”

Sources: Beaker on the Internet Archive, Wikipedia,,

7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

1. Deep Purple “Hush”

2. Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box “John Cage Is Dead”

3. The Outlaws “Green Grass & High Tides”

4. Traffic “You Can All Join In”

5. Trapeze “Black Cloud”

6. The Rolling Stones “Wild Horses”

7. Trout Fishing In America “Dixie Chicken”

8. Steve Morse Band “Sacred Ground”

8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

1. Wishbone Ash “You See Red”

2. The Alan Parsons Project “The Raven / The Tell-Tale Heart”

3. John Nitzinger “Didja Miss Me”

4. Captain Beefheart “I Love You, You Big Dummy/ Peon”

5. Jethro Tull “Back To The Family”

6. Jimmy Page & Robert Plant “Four Sticks” (Live- No Quarter Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded)

7. Eric Clapton (f/ Marcy Levy) “The Core”

8. The Jeff Beck Group “Spanish Boots”

9. Kansas “Angels Have Fallen”

10. Deep Water Reunion “Cindy’s Cryin’

9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Watcher Of The Skies with Wiliam Warren

1. Selections from “Halloween” by Merlin

2. Neil Young “Harvest Moon”

3. Al Stewart “Nostradamus- Part 1/ The World Goes To Riyadh/ Nostradamus Part 2”

4. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “As Above So Below”

10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

1. The Allman Brothers Band “Dreams”

2. King Crimson “Red/ Thela Hun Ginjeet”

3. Edgar Winter “Hoochie Coo”

4. Queen “Brighton Rock”

5. Steve Miller Band “Your Saving Grace”

6. Eric Clapton “Blues Power” (Live- Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert)

7. The Jimi Hendrix Experience “If 6 Was 9”

8. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble “Dirty Pool”

11 p.m. to Midnight

1. The Who “Who Are You”

2. Renaissance “Rajah Kahn”

3. The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Spanish Castle Magic”

4. Sonia Dada “Lester’s Methadone Clinic”

5. Grateful Dead “China Cat Sunflower/ I Know You Rider”

6. Ten Years After “50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain”

7. The Alan Parsons Project “Sirius/ Eye In The Sky”

8. Rainbow “Wolf To The Moon”

9. Robin Trower “Bridge Of Sighs”

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