Beaker Street 4-8-01

No audio is currently available of this show… yet. If you have a copy and wish to share, reach out to me at

Originally aired on Magic 105 (KMJX 105.1 FM Conway- Little Rock, Arkansas)

Host: Clyde Clifford

Incidental Music: Head “Cannabis Sativa”

Sources: Beaker on the Internet Archive, Wikipedia,,

7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

1. Grateful Dead “Throwing Stones”

2. Savoy Brown “Endless Sleep”

3. Santana “Black Magic Woman> Gypsy Queen”

4. Joe Jackson “Cancer”

5. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “Solar Fire”

6. Steve Miller Band “Rockin’ Me”

7. Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Lucky Man”

8. Bob Ketchum “Ain’t No Love In The Darkness”

9. Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here”

10. Anglo Tango “Gypsy Radio”

8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

1. B.B. King “Why I Sing The Blues”

2. Jon Butcher “Goodbye Saving Grace”

3. Fleetwood Mac “Hypnotized”

4. Abraxas Pool “Jingo”

5. Jethro Tull “Dharma For One” (Live)

6. Atomic Rooster “Black Snake”

7. Steve Farmer “Hiroshima”

8. Long John Baldry “Black Girl”

9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Watcher Of The Skies With William Warren

Selection from “Sacred Baboon” the 1976 album by Yezda Urfa

1. Scarlet Rivera “Wicked Witch Of The East”

2. The Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band “Bullfrog Blues”

3. The Beatles “Flying”

4. Bob Frank “She Pawned Her Diamond For Some Gold”

10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

1. Deep Purple “Lazy”

2. Vanilla Fudge “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”

3. Steely Dan “Don’t Take Me Alive”

4. Bob Ketchum “Screw Yourself For Me”

5. Pink Floyd “Embryo”

6. Joe Walsh “Midnight Moodies/ Happy Ways”

11 p.m. to Midnight

1. Steely Dan “Your Gold Teeth”

2. Santana “Soul Sacrifice”

3. Dixie Dregs “Shapes Of Things”

4. Herbie Mann “In Tangier/ Paradise Beach”

5. Scarlet Rivera “Leftback”

6. Deodato “Prelude To An Afternoon Of A Faun”

7. Oingo Boingo “Just Another Day”

8. Joe Jackson “Chinatown/ T.V. Age”

9. Jon Butcher “Wishes”

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