Beaker Street 9-18-20

Beaker Street 9-18-20

20th show of the Arkansas Rocks Radio Network Era

Host: Clyde Clifford

Incidental Music: Head “Cannabis Sativa”

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Click here to listen to an MP3 recording of tonight’s show. Thanks to Brian Rock for sharing. The phantoms of internet connection were messing with Kenneth Hawkins last night.

9 p.m. – 10 p.m. (Starting 8:57 p.m.)

1. Jimi Hendrix “Star Spangled Banner> Purple Haze” (Live At Woodstock)

2. Grand Funk Railroad “T.N.U.C”

3. The James Gang “Ashes The Rain And I”

4. Barry McGuire and the Doctor “South Of The Border”

5. Kula Shaker “Mystical Machine Gun”

6. Alan Parsons “One Day To Fly”

7. Ten Years After “I’d Love To Change The World”

8. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band “In The Beginning, Darkness”

9. Talking Heads “Totally Nude”

10. Chris Rea “Somewhere Between The Stars (Santo Spirito)”

10 p.m. – 11 p.m.

1. Michael Brewer “Retro Man”

2. Keith Emerson & The Nice “Little Arabella” (Live – Vivacious Live At Glasgow 2002)

3. Styx “The Serpent Is Rising/ Krakatoa> Hallelujah Chorus”

4. Neil Young and Crazy Horse “Cortez The Killer” (Live Rust)

5. Trout Fishing In America “Not Fade Away”

6. Black Strobe “I’m A Man”

7. The Strawbs “Queen Of Dreams”

8. Renaissance “Prologue”

9. Populuxx “Bosom of Abraham”

10. Chuck Mangione “Hill Where The Lord Hides” (Live At The Holywood Bowl)

11 p.m. – Midnight

1. Vanilla Fudge “STRA (Illusions Of My Childhood Part 1)> You Keep Me Hanging On”

2. Transatlantic “Mystery Train”

3. Proto-Kaw “Axolotl”

4. Uriah Heep “Lady In Black”

5. Little Feat “Old Folks Boogie”

6. Robin Trower “Too Rolling Stoned”

7. Within Temptation “In Perfect Harmony”

8. Sonia Dada “Lester’s Methadone Clinic”

9. Scallion “Calling All Savants”

10. Trout Fishing In America “No Matter What Goes Right”

One thought on “Beaker Street 9-18-20

  1. Love what you’re doing, but you are doing funny things with the file names. Example, DNLA media players display files by “Album” and “Title” names and only by file names if the album name field is blank. So last night recording displays as 000101_0384.mp3 TASCAM DR_22WL when displayed by my media player. Another, I think it is the 9/18 recording that comes up as Gerry Rafferty City to City and Baker Street (original demo) with Comments “Recorded and Tagged by Replay Radio 11 (”. I wish I could send you some photos of what displays. Anyway, it’s difficult to tell which file is which on my media player. Not complaining, just thought you need to know this.


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