Beaker Street 7-30-21

CLYDE ON-DEMAND: Listen to Kenneth Hawkins recording of this show by clicking the link below:

Google Drive

65th show of the Arkansas Rocks era.

Host: Clyde Clifford

Incidental Music: Head “Cannabis Sativa”

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8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

1. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown “Prelude- Nightmare/ Fire/ Come And Buy”

2. Cactus “Long Tall Sally”

3. Traffic “Glad> Freedom Rider”

4. Albert Collins “Ice Pick”

5. Chicken Shack “First Time I Met The Blues”

6. Trapeze “Black Cloud”

7. Grateful Dead “Not Fade Away> Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad” (Live-Skull & Roses)

9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

1. Vanilla Fudge “Shotgun” (Live- Two Worlds Collide)

2. The Corporation “I Want To Get Out Of My Grave”

3. Wishbone Ash “You See Red”

4. Proto-Kaw “Alt. More Worlds Than Known”

5. Fleetwood Mac “Woman Of 1000 Years”

6. Weather Report “Mysterious Traveller”

7. ZZ Top “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers/ Master Of Sparks/ Waitin’ For The Bus”

8. Yes “Perpetual Change”

10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

1. Fleetwood Mac “Tusk”

2. Traffic “John Barleycorn”

3. Van Morrison “Brown Eyed Girl”

4. Van Der Graaf Generator “Pioneers Over C”

5. The Alan Parsons Project “Sirius> Eye In The Sky”

6. Brewer & Shipley “Witchi-Tai-To”

7. The Rolling Stones “Sway”

8. Redbone “The Witch Queen Of New Orleans”

9. Herbie Mann “Flying”

11 p.m. to Midnight

1. Rare Bird “Beautiful Scarlet”

2. The Alan Parsons Project “Gemini”

3. H.P. Lovecraft “It’s About Time”

4. The Moody Blues “House Of Four Doors> Legend Of A Mind> House Of Four Doors (Part Two)”

5. Quicksilver Messenger Service “Fresh Air”

6. Pink Floyd “Run Like Hell” (Live)

7. ZZ Top “Tush”

8. Neil Young “Living With War”

9. The Allman Brothers Band “Loaded Dice”

10. Alan Parsons “Cloudbreak”

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